A hydro cleaning business
that’s older than, well, DIRT.

We’ve been doing this for decades, and when it comes to process equipment for mining industries, paper mills, utilities, municipalities, waste treatment facilities and all the other industries we serve, we’re as specialized as it gets. Our capabilities include high pressure hydro blasting with both steam and pressure, vacuum truck services and process equipment cleaning. We utilize both wet and dry vacuum trucks to clean sludge and waste treatment facilities.

Cleaning experts in a place known for clean living.

Aqua Power started in the Midwest, in northern Minnesota. We’re known as the subject matter experts for all types of industries’ from high-pressure residue removal to tenacious mill scale deposits on process equipment and lines.

Our Mission

Aqua Power is committed to providing its valued customers with the best services obtainable in today’s hydro blasting industry. Aqua Power demonstrates a focus on safety, quality and efficiency while working as team members with our customers’ staff.

Our Promise

  • Great leadership and team member dedication
  • Customer service and team philosophy
  • Focused on doing what we do well and with safety in mind
  • Capable of handling tough and unique assignments
  • Low pressure, high pressure and high volume capabilities
  • Dependable assets and the ability to react to customers’ needs
  • We don’t get paid until we have met our customers’ expectations