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MORE equipment. more jobs.

No matter what industry you’re in, we have the expertise and the equipment to help you to prevent shutdowns.

Hydro Blasting

High-pressure hydro using nothing but pure H2O, pressure and steam. Our hydro blasting services are powerful, safe and environmentally friendly. When we work, our goal is to operate consistently with the highest standards of excellence and the most careful attention to detail. We do every job to our customers’ satisfaction.

Vacuum Services

Not only do we power wash your equipment for optimum performance, but we also leave no trace. Our vacuum truck services remove all debris, wet or dry. We clean your equipment, we clean up after ourselves, and then we clear out and let you get back to work. Our efficiency means your productivity.

Process Equipment Cleaning

No matter what your manufacturing process, we’ll keep all the parts operating with the utmost efficiency. We’re as specialized as your equipment requires. Our high-pressure blasting can clean the most massive pieces of machinery, and we have the skill and precision to keep the smallest gears and levers free of dirt and grime.

Scheduled Maintenance vs. Unscheduled Emergencies.

When we help plan your equipment-cleaning schedule, you don’t have to worry about costly, unexpected shutdowns. You’ll be more productive and more profitable.
A three-hour job takes us three hours, no more. And if there’s a quality way we can get it done faster and cut your costs, we’ll do it. Our honest time management will help you limit your downtime, while saving your time and money.

The list of cleaning products we use: Water.

That’s it. We’re your -clear solution-for process equipment cleaning. Hydro blasting is environmentally sound because it cleans with water. And because it’s just water, that means it’s cost effective, too. After hydro blasting, our vac trucks clean up using another natural cleaning product: air.